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Xoxo, Valentina

He’s the hot new Spanish teacher.

She’s the principal.

That spells trouble with a capital T.


What happens when professional boundaries are crossed and sparks begin to fly?

Between managing her busy career and raising her teenage son, Gabi never thought she had time for romance. But Joey Morales makes it impossible to ignore the heat between them.

As they begin a secret romance, Gabi finds herself falling harder and harder. From stolen glances in the hallway to steamy kisses under the stars, they can't get enough of each other.

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Will Gabi risk everything for a chance at love? Or will she let him go, even if it means denying her heart's deepest desires? 


With its charming small-town setting, lovable characters, and steamy love scenes, this romantic comedy is the perfect escape.


So grab a cup of coffee, cozy up by the fire, and set off to Mossy Oak, where love is in the air.

Goodreads reviewer

XOXO, Valentina was so much more than I expected. Between the chemistry, humor, and spiciness, this book is a must-read!

Goodreads reviewer

Oh my god. *fans self* This book was something else. WHEW!  I adored Lacey and Beckett. There was no way anyone could top them.

I was wrong.

Goodreads reviewer

I haven’t read the previous book in this series, but it didn’t matter as I was able to get into the story immediately. Its the first book I've read by the author, and it will not be the last as I just loved her style of writing.

Discreet Cover

Still steamy on the inside, but discreet on the outside..

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