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Try Easy

Travel back in time to 1968 and experience the breathtaking beauty of the Hawaiian Islands in this epic American Historical romance. Get swept away in a tale of love and loss, passion and pain, as two souls from vastly different worlds collide in a clash of cultures and desires.

Keoni Makai is a legendary surfer and a true hero in Hawaii, known for his daring ocean rescues and fearless spirit. But when tragedy strikes, his heart becomes closed off to love and he clings to his native culture, fiercely protective of his homeland and his heart from the invading tourists.


Lou Hunter has always followed the rules. She has her whole life planned out, including a perfect boyfriend, but when she travels to Hawaii and meets the enigmatic and irresistible Keoni, her world is turned upside down.

With his rugged good looks and fierce determination, Keoni ignites a passion in Lou that she never knew existed.

As their worlds collide, Lou and Keoni must navigate the complexities of their cultural differences and the challenges that come with falling in love.

But with love comes risk, and Lou soon discovers that resisting Keoni may be impossible. Will she follow her heart and risk it all, or stick to the safe path she's always known? 

Don't miss this captivating tale of love, adventure, and self-discovery in the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Discover the true meaning of aloha in this must-read American Historical Romance.

Goodreads reviewer

Every time I thought I had the ending figured out, something else came to pass that was so wonderfully human in that messy way. There was no straight shot to the last page,

Goodreads reviewer

I read Try Easy in one sitting and fell in love with Keoni and Lou's sweet, sizzling, and modern love story. Their romance is emotionally engaging, adorable, and deeply romantic 

Goodreads reviewer

I enjoyed this book. The story was detailed and descriptive, allowing the reader to become immersed in the story.

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