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Regards, Mia

A criminal on the loose puts Mia’s life at stake, but the last man she wants to save her is her one-night stand.


A viper in the courtroom, District Attorney, Mia James is not accustomed to being overruled, but when a villain from her past is about to uproot her life, she’s forced to accept the bodyguard her boss hires. The last thing she expects is for her protector to be tall, dark, and tatted Jay, the man she cruelly rejected.


After the way Mia treated him, Jay isn’t thrilled to take the job. He needs the money to keep his charity project alive, but keeping Mossy Oak’s biggest Ice Queen safe may cost Jay his sanity.


When sparks fly between the unlikely pair, boundaries blur between duty and desire. But Jay’s past might be too much for them to overcome, and the threat to Mia’s life jeopardizes more than their fledgling romance.  


Fans of Catherine Cowles and Melanie Harlow won’t want to miss this small town, steamy contemporary romance. Dive into this unforgettable love story set against the backdrop of Mossy Oak, a town brimming with charm, where love conquers all.

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Discreet Cover

Still steamy on the inside, but discreet on the outside..

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