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Love, Lacey Donovan

Get ready to be swept off your feet in this sizzling contemporary romance novel that will have you believing in love again! 


Lacey Donovan is a self-proclaimed romance novel aficionado who's convinced that true love only exists within the pages of her favorite books. But when she meets Beckett Vinroot, a handsome, wealthy businessman who's determined to prove her wrong, her world is turned upside down.


Despite their wildly different lifestyles and appearances, sparks fly between them and soon they can't resist the pull of their undeniable chemistry.


Can Beckett convince her that true love is possible in the real world? Or will she continue to believe that it only exists in the pages of a book?


Don't miss out on this steamy love story that will leave you breathless and begging for more!

Goodreads reviewer

This book is the first I have read from this author, and it will not be the last. I can tell that this is the start of a great series!

Goodreads reviewer

I fell in love with Beckett and Lacey from the first moment they were together on the page. Beckett is the hero we have all dreamed of, and Lacey is the quirky heroine we can't help but root for!

Discreet Cover

Still steamy on the inside, but discreet on the outside..

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