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Blue Collar Crush

In the charming small town of Mossy Oak, Peppy Vinroot has it all - wealth, popularity, and a carefree summer before jetting off to Italy. But when she meets Thatcher Hayes, a scholarship kid working hard to make ends meet, she discovers that there's more to life than material possessions.

Thatcher may not fit in with Peppy's posh crowd, but he captures her heart with his kind nature and selflessness. As they navigate their differences and fall deeper in love, they realize that their summer fling might just be something more.

blue collar crush_edited.png

But with Peppy's privileged background and Thatcher's limited time in town, their relationship is threatened from all sides.


Fate has brought them together, but it will also tear them apart. Can their love withstand the trials of their two different worlds?


Find out in this heartwarming small town romance novella.

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