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Try Right

She’s on a mission to reunite with her soul mate. He’s the fool who agreed to help her.

A year ago Claudia was Hollywood’s most sought-after actress, now the only role she can get is a bit part in a tv series filmed in Hawaii. She can’t afford to say no, and Hawaii offers something more than CPR for her career—it’s the home of her first love, a man she’s been dreaming of for six years.

Henry is the best in the business. The fearless stuntman is used to standing in for the leading man. He’s never wanted to be the star until Claudia saunters onto set wearing the shortest shorts he’s ever seen.


Her long legs, killer smile, and sharp wit have him feeling like he's in a high-speed car chase. But he knows better than to let his guard down - he can't afford to get hurt again.

Together, they explore the stunning scenery of Diamond Head Crater and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific. But when they finally track down Claudia's long-lost love, Henry must face the harsh reality that he might lose her forever.

Goodreads reviewer

Try Right was a fantastic story! I was drawn in from the very beginning and fell in love with both Claudia and Henry.

Goodreads reviewer

This was a fun read and even though it was the third in the Aloha Series I was able to read it with no issues. I will be going back to read the rest now that I have loved this one so much 

Goodreads reviewer

This was such a good book that I read it in one sitting. Loved the relationship between Henry and Claudia and that they just engrossed you in their story! 

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