Try Over

He wants a second chance.

I want revenge…

And I'll do anything to get it.


Two years ago I left Hawaii with a broken heart and a sunburn, and never thought I’d go back.


Then I got the invitation to my best friend’s wedding. She’s marrying the surfing world’s biggest dreamboat. And she wants me as her maid of honor.


There are two big problems:

  • The wedding is in Hawaii

  • The best man is the same gorgeous tour guide who broke my heart


I never want to see Bones Keakealani again. In fact, I wish a piano would fall on his head. But he doesn’t feel the same way about me. He’s insisting he deserves another chance. He promises he has a good reason for breaking my heart, but it will take more than promises for me to forget my heartbreak or my desire for revenge.


I plan to drive him crazy with my rich, handsome (and fake) wedding date.


Because even though the sexy Hawaiian is every bit as tempting as I remembered, the last thing I want with him is another try.

Try Over.jpeg