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Riley's Love Connection

A Mossy Oak Reader-made romance

chapter 5

The tuxedo-wearing bear had moved with me more times than I could count. He’s showing a lot of wear and tear, looking pretty scruffy. Some of his hair has fallen out in patches, and his tuxedo is dull where it was once shiny. It isn’t like I sleep with him in my bed, or anything. I keep him in my closet as a reminder of what I’d once been. I’ve come a long way from that scared little kid in pre-school who needed protection from a bully.

“Is that what I think it is?” Riley squints at the bear, and I can’t tell if she’s disgusted or impressed.

“I know you probably think I’m crazy, keeping this guy for so many years. But he reminds me of how far I’ve come.” My ears burn as embarrassment floods my chest. “He reminds me of you.” 

She probably thinks I’m a wimp, or worse, insane. I really can’t tell by the way she’s looking at me. Her eyes are huge and round behind the lenses of her glasses. And then, her arms are around my neck, and the bear is crushed between us. Her lips are on mine, and her tongue is in my mouth. I’m so taken aback by the fierce kiss, I stumble. And that’s how we end up on the bed together. 

Riley is on top of me, and her body feels so fucking perfect. Every inch of her is luscious and soft. I rip the bear between us and toss it aside so I can feel her breasts against my chest. Her legs tangle with mine as we roll on the bed, kissing madly as if we’ve been starved for each other.


Her tongue strokes into my mouth, and I groan. My hands grip her hips, her waist, her back. I can’t get enough of her, and there are too many clothes between us. Her thick sweater prevents me from feeling the soft weight of her breasts. Even with all the clothes in the way, I can feel how sexy her body is. My dick is so hard it’s throbbing against my zipper. 

Riley gasps as I rock against her. She meets my eyes through foggy glasses, then rips them off and throws them in the nightstand's direction. She shakes out her hair and focuses her baby blues on me. Seeing her without her glasses does something to me. Blood surges straight to my cock. 

I curve my hand around her neck and pull her mouth back to mine. Her tongue is hot and slick against mine, seducing me. She grinds herself against my painful erection, and I grunt into her mouth.

“Sorry,” she says, breaking the kiss.

“No. Don’t be. Get back here.” I thread my fingers in her hair and tug her back.

“I’m hurting you.” She holds herself aloft as if my hard cock is branding her through the layers of our jeans. 

“You’re not hurting me, babe. Keep doing that.” I place my hands on her hips and put her back where I want her, where the friction of her body against mine feels so good it makes me want to explode. In a good way. 

She grinds against me again, and I almost lose my shit. I haven’t wanted a woman this badly in years. Because it’s her. I’ve wanted her for years. I can’t believe I have Sexy Riley in my bed. I’ve dreamed of this for years. Of taking off her glasses and her cute little librarian sweater and corrupting her in the worst way. 

“You feel so…” Her hand strays between us and she cups my cock through my jeans. “You’re so big.” 

I grunt a sound that is half laugh, half moan as she strokes me with a fluttering hand. My cock stiffens in response to her touch, and her eyes fly to mine. A wicked little smile lifts the corners of her mouth. It’s like a lightbulb went off in her head, and suddenly she gets it. She’s responsible for what’s going on in my pants. She’s killing me, and she knows it. 

Straddling me, she sits up and yanks off her sweater. A very no-nonsense bra pushes her perfect tits together in a creamy bounty of cleavage. She shakes her hair out over her shoulders, and I’m mesmerized by the contrast of all that dark chestnut hair falling against her pale skin. Then I realize it’s about to get way better. The bra has a front closure, and she’s reaching for the hooks.

I scoot back on the bed, my eyes glued to the show my sexy librarian is putting on just for me. She unhooks the bra and peels it away, revealing her gorgeous breasts. They are full and round, with perfect pink tips that make my mouth water. 

I’m frozen, not quite believing how beautiful she is. I’ve imagined this moment so many times in the last few years, I’m not sure if it’s real. I haven’t felt so turned on by a woman in my entire life. I might come in my pants and I haven’t even touched her. 

I realize my mistake and I remedy it as soon as I’m able to move. She has me pinned to the bed, so it isn’t easy, but I am a lot bigger than her. I reach up and cup her breasts, filling my hands with her soft curves. It’s heaven on Earth. They are soft and plump, and her nipples pebble against my palms. I pinch them softly and they stiffen, making me ache for a taste. 

Pulling her down, I clasp my mouth on one nipple, then the other. She wiggles against me, arching her back for more. I roll so that I’m on top of her and can devour her. I lick and suck her nipples until she whimpers, begging me in incoherent pleas. 

I pull off my shirt and toss it aside, needing to feel my flesh against hers. Her small hand snakes between us and she eases down my zipper, freeing my swollen cock. I gasp as she strokes me. Her hand is so tight, I won’t last if she keeps touching me.

“Josh, I want you.” Her lips are on my neck, her teeth nipping my throat. 

“Are you sure?” I thought to take my time with her, but her hand is urgent, pushing my jeans down my hips and taking my boxers with them.

“I’ve never been more sure.”

I lean back and look at her. She is spread out on my comforter. Her breasts flushed and heaving as she pants for breath. She is so sexy with her dark hair tangled from my hands and her skin scraped raw from my beard scruff. I want her, too. I have to have her. Next time, I’ll go slowly, I promise myself. 

I unsnap her jeans and tug them down her thighs. Her panties are pink with a little bow in the center. So cute and innocent it gives me pause. Riley is sweet and innocent. We’re moving too fast. It’s not just sex I want with her. It’s everything. It’s forever. 

“Hurry.” She scoots back on the bed and reaches for me, wrapping her hand around my eager cock. “I want you now.”

“Wait.” I roll away, yanking open the nightstand and grabbing a condom. I’m thinking I will take my time with her. Peel off those sweet panties and taste every inch of her. But she yanks the condom from my hand and rips open the foil. She rolls the rubber over my throbbing cock and shoves me onto my back. Shoving her panties down, she slides onto me, guiding me right through the gates of heaven.

It happens so fast. She starts riding me. Holding me down as she rolls her hips in a rhythm that instantly drives me wild. I hadn’t pictured it like this, but honestly, who am I to complain? Her breasts bounce as she moves, and I can’t help but enjoy the show. I grip her waist, trying to slow her down, because if she keeps this up, I will not last. And I really want to last, because it feels so fucking good. It feels perfect. She’s tight and hot, and the silky tips of her hair stroke my chest as she rides me. And then she’s making a face, screwing her mouth into a perfect O as her eyes squeeze shut, and it’s too late. She’s too sexy as she moans long and loud, calling my name as she comes.

And just like that, it’s over. I explode. I’ve never been more disappointed in myself in my life.

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