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Why You Should Be Reading Romance

I grabbed my first romance novel off my Great-Aunt Thelma’s bookshelf when I was twelve years old. What made me gravitate toward Fabio’s flowing locks and bared chest instead of a submarine or a skeleton? Easy—the promise of a good time.

If you want a good time, romance has got your number. In a romance novel, you’ll find humor, a hope, banter, and of course sex. As the proud owner of a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, I appreciate a thought-provoking read. But for the times when I want to relax with a light and breezy read, I turn to romance.

Here’s why you should too:

  1. Romance is the only genre written primarily by women for women. Romance is full of women’s self-discovery, strength, independence, and vulnerability. Romance is the genre least dominated by straight white men.

  2. Romance aids empathy. Understanding a character’s journey helps grow our imaginations. We get to learn from a character’s mistakes and watch them grow. We become better people for having experienced a character’s journey to finding love.

  3. Romance inspires intimacy. Not only do romance novels feature the best book boyfriends—hello tall, dark, and handsome—they also don’t shy away from sex. We read about murder, mysteries, and adventures. Why not read about what goes on in the bedroom? Sex is part of life. A very fun part. Reading a steamy romance can bring some much needed spice to your bedroom. If you're single, a delightful novel featuring a man with six-pack abs and broad shoulders can spark hope of finding your own ideal soulmate.

  4. The happy ending. The best part about romance is its predictability. In order to qualify as a romance novel, a book must have a happy ending. It’s pretty much one of the few rules in a genre where anything goes. In a world full of chaos and suffering, why not choose an uncomplicated read with guaranteed satisfaction?

  5. Diversity. Romance has so many sub-genres, characters, story lines, and settings. You will find something to tickle your fancy. Romance doesn’t have to be about a man and a woman finding love. The story can be between a man and alien, two women, a woman and multiple men, or any combination of the former. You can read about witches, shifters, billionaires, motorcycle gang members, royals… the list goes on.


Still not convinced? Did you know romance is a billion dollar industry? It’s the most widely consumed genre in books. Romance sales edge out sales of thrillers, and top sales of mysteries and literary fiction combined!

Everyone else is doing it. Why not join the club?

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