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Ten Things I Learned From Reading Romance

1. The hotter the one-night stand, the higher the chances are that they’ll be your new boss at work the next day.

2. If your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, don’t despair. It won’t be long before the owner of a tow truck company comes along, and he will be a super hot single dad.

3. After you get your coffee, don’t turn a corner too quickly because you’re likely to run into a sexy CEO and spill your drink all over his expensive suit.

4. If you are on the run with a handsome smuggler, you will be forced to hide out in a remote cabin with only one bed.

5. When you take a welcome gift to your gorgeous new neighbor, he will answer the door in a towel. And he will have six-pack abs.

6. After colliding with the handsome stranger and dropping all the files you were holding, you will accidentally pick up something of his, and you will be forced to meet again. Then you will start accidentally running into him more often until you are dating.

7. No matter how annoying your brother’s best friend was as a teenager, he is going to grow up to be an irresistible football player with a six-pack and perfect hair.

8. The well-meaning matchmaker trying to set you up with Mr. Right actually is Mr. Right, and he's probably wearing flannel...or a henley.

9. If you have moved to the big city and are super successful, chances are you will run into your high school crush when you return home for the holidays and he will suddenly be interested in you. Make sure you wear something cute when you run to the grocery store to buy more stuffing because you are bound to run into him. Literally.

10. If you are lucky enough to be on a reality tv competition show, your biggest rival is going to be tall, dark, and handsome. With a six-pack.

What is something you learned from reading romance novels?

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